May the One Great Spirit/Divine Love/ God be here

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The human condition is that of the prodigal child. We have wandered away into a far country and forgotten our Father, gotten out of tune with God. The methods that Jesus taught and used are the Way to tune in to the Divine Love that is God, to remember our true identities as children of the All-Powerful, Everywhere Present Father.


Tune In To God: The Miracle Methods of Jesus is the textbook for learning to turn within, to seek first the Kingdom of God. Some of these methods you have heard before, but some you may have overlooked. They were not all taught in Sunday School.


Tuning In To God: An audio guide to the miracle methods of Jesus is the step-by-step instructions that will help you to put the methods into practice on a daily basis. Because most of us are very forgetful and benefit from being reminded to tune in to God every day.


As you get more and more in tune with God your life will improve and things will be better. You will be more aware and appreciative of the many blessings and miracles within and around you.


So take a deep breath, and smile, and you are already on your way to better Tune In To God.